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Big Game Radio Coverage
Drive From
Drive To is your Big Game Radio Station Locator. lets you enter road trip information to get a listing of which radio stations will be carrying the Big Game.

To get started, simply enter an address or a location in the box above the map to the left. You can enter a full address, a city name, or a ZIP code.

To get a route, enter the starting location in the left box and the ending location in the right box. Hit the Find or Directions button and we'll give you your Big Game Radio Stations.

To see the coverage shapes on the map, just check the "Display Big Game Radio Station Coverage" check box.

If you want to zoom in to a particular area, hold down the Alt key and you can drag a rectangle on the map with the mouse to your area of interest.
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When the time comes for the Big Game, some people make chili, others make ribs, while at SpatialPoint, we make maps. We discovered that it is hard to figure out what radio stations carry the Big Game. We built to make it easy to find the Big Game on the country's AM and FM dial - no matter where you are at or where you are going. Here's how we did it:
  • We found all of the AM & FM radio stations that will be carrying the game

  • We looked up those stations in the FCC's databases to determine their coverage areas

  • We loaded their coverage areas into SQL Server 2008 and use the spatial extensions

  • We used Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise to build an application to find locations and build point to point routes

  • We perform spatial queries to determine which radio stations you'll be able to listen to at your location or along your route

  • We visualize your point or route on a map and use SpatialPoint Atlas to visualize the coverage boundaries for your Big Game radio stations

  • Microsoft ASP.NET v2.x application written in C#

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 used as an IDE

  • Backend database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Backend OS Servers: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • Spatial Enhancements: SpatialPoint Atlas w/Tile Services

  • User Interface:

    • AJAX UI using dojo v1.8.3 with multiple tabs

    • The Application accepts standard Bing Maps for Enterprise™ location strings (address, city, state, ZIP Code, etc.)

    • Ambiguous addresses trapped and candidates displayed for user - Mapping/Spatial

    • Map Imagery - Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise™

    • Routing - Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise™

    • Map supports panning, zooming, and the following views/styles: Road, Aerial, and Hybrid

SpatialPoint is the leading Microsoft MapPoint and Bing Maps for Enterprise Partner. We help customers leverage Microsoft's leading mapping and spatial technologies. We can help you leverage location to develop competitive advantages. was built using these technologies and showcases some of the possibilities for this technology. Whether you want to:
  • Help people find your retail locations

  • Build a call center application for you support staff

  • Optimize sales by properly locating your next outlet